Perfect Exterminating Commercial Services

Our Pest Control program is designed to give you a pest-free environment in which to serve your customers.


Step 1 is Initial Inspection and Evaluation

Perfect Exterminating will conduct a thorough inspection of the premises by one of our trained inspectors. This will allow us to:
Assess the situation and identify conducive conditions to pests
Identify pests and any kind of related damage
Evaluate sanitation practices and structural problems, which may contribute to pest infestation.
Customize a pest control program that is best for you and your home.

Step 2 is Initial Treatment

Our initial treatment is designed to eliminate pests invading your home. “Our goal is to bring the current pest population down to an acceptable level using our proven seven treatment techniques”.

Step 3 is Maintaining Control

Treat/inspect the yard for fire ants.
Treat the insect harborage areas on the exterior.
Dust wall voids (weep holes, electric lines, AC lines and other visible potential insect entry points to the structure)
Treat attic.
Inspect/treat interior of the structure.

Step 4 is Constant Improvement

Our pest control programs are constantly being evaluated and improved. As a result, you can be certain that you receive the very best service available.